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“FINANCIAL FITNESS,” a series by Rick Warren in which we will learn biblical principles of personal money management and abundance.

Are you, like many, suffering from the financial malaise that has been 2019? Money is the main cause of stress and conflict in most lives, relationships and homes today. Be encouraged… THERE IS A WAY OUT!  In this video bible study series Rick Warren shares the biblical principles of personal money management. Together we will learn how to align our finances with God’s teachings through these five sessions:

            WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 6:30 PM, Session 2:  “The Law of Contentment”
            WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 6:30 PM, Session 3:  “The Laws of Sowing & Reaping”
            WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 6:30 PM, Session 4:  “The Habits of Financial Health”
            WEDNESDAY, August 7, 6:30 PM, Session 5:  “Where Best to Invest.”

Cost?  $8.00 for the helpful Participant’s Guide. Sessions will be held at Forest City UMC. For more information, please contact Pastor Les Green, 585-3281.

VBS 2019 will take place on Saturday, August 10, 9am - 4pm.  We need several volunteers; please contact Vicki. Following VBS we will have a Congregation BBQ and Game night from 4pm - 6pm at the church.

Tea Towels - Tea towel sets and single towels are ready to be picked up at the church in readiness for the church bazaar. They are located on the stage in the fellowship hall. Please sign your name and list how many towels you take.      

JAM (Jesus and Me) - Each Sunday during the worship service children will move downstairs around 10:20am for JAM time in the youth room. After worship meet your children in the fellowship hall where coffee and treats will be served. Participation in JAM is at the discretion of parents. 

Prayer Meeting - Join us for a dedicated time of intercessory prayer: Tuesdays, 6:30pm in the library.

Men's Group is held on Thursdays at noon. Bring your lunch and meet in the library.

Reminder - Listen to KIOW 107.3 for any church cancelations due to weather.
Prayer Chain -  If you have a prayer request you would like to put on the Prayer Chain, please call the church office, 585-3281, and we will get it started.  Prayer requests will remain anonymous if requested.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS - 9am - 4pm, Monday through Thursday and 9am - noon on Fridays.
Mondays, Marcia Wubben, Financial Administrator, is in the office; Tuesdays through Friday morning, Corinne Ball, Ministry Administrator, is in the office.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have any bills to be paid, please turn them into the
Church Office before the end of each month. Thank you!
305 South Clark Street - Forest City, IA 50436
Phone: 641-585-3281 Email: fcumc@wctatel.net