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September's Mission focus is the UMCOR Hygiene Kits. These kits will be distributed by UMCOR in the United States and will help individuals who’ve been forced from their homes due to human conflict or natural disasters like flooding, wild fires, tornados or hurricanes. These kits help disaster victims reclaim their dignity and self-respect. When personal hygiene is maintained their overall health improves. Please pick up the gallon-sized bag at our mission table located in the Fireside Room or in fellowship hall. Fill each bag with the listed supplies and return them to the baskets located under each mission table by September 30th. We will also accept individual items.

Faith Village! – Wednesdays at 2:10pm in the fellowship hall. Participating preschool thru 7th grade children ride the transit bus from school to the church. Invite your friends! Talk to Cassie Schulze for more information.

JAM (Jesus and Me) - Each Sunday during the worship service children will move downstairs around 10:20am for JAM time in the youth room. After worship meet your children in the fellowship hall where coffee and treats will be served. Participation in JAM is at the discretion of parents. 

New Class - Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study with Jim Smith starting Sunday , September 30 at 9:00am in the Pastor’s Class. Most people know many of the stories from the Bible, but they don’t know the Story of the Bible. It is the intention of this class to systematically investigate the structure, history and message of the Old Testament. When one studies only the New Testament it is like coming half way through a two act play. You may enjoy the ending of the story but you will have missed much of the development of the plot and character. Through our exploring we will seek to discover God’s redemptive plan as revealed through Scripture. Join us!

Prayer Group - Join Anita Smith for a dedicated time of intercessory prayer: Tuesdays, 6:30pm in the “Prayer” Chapel.

New:  School for Christian Living (CFCL) on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. Join Pastor Les as he leads this new class in the Pastor’s Class.

Men's Group is held on Thursdays at noon. Bring your lunch and meet in the library.

Reminder - Listen to KIOW 107.3 for any church cancelations due to weather.
Prayer Chain -  If you have a prayer request you would like to put on the Prayer Chain, please call the church office, 585-3281, and we will get it started.  Prayer requests will remain anonymous if requested.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS - 9am - 4pm, Monday through Thursday and 9am - noon on Fridays.
Mondays, Marcia Wubben, Financial Administrator, is in the office; Tuesdays through Friday morning, Corinne Ball, Ministry Adminstrator, is in the office.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have any bills to be paid, please turn them into the
Church Office before the end of each month. Thank you!
305 South Clark Street - Forest City, IA 50436
Phone: 641-585-3281 Email: fcumc@wctatel.net