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Greetings Family!
I am writing to you on the “last day of spring and the first day of summer,” June 20. Wow! It doesn’t seem as if we’ve had any of our usual seasons yet, and I am still trying to get 2019 up and running and already everyone is off on summer vacation!
Nevertheless, my passion is to keep our church “GOING and GROWING” through the summer and this undoubtedly will be our blessing as we commit to faithfully continue to “GATHER to GROW to GO!”


  • WORSHIP continues at our regular times.
  • Our Summer Sermon Series “Living in the Goodness of God; A Life-changing Study of Psalm 23” continues through the summer at Forest City and Crystal Lake.
  • At Forest City, children will be included in every worship service and JAM will also be offered each Sunday .
  • Jan Harris is earnestly looking for “special music” contributions at Forest City while choirs are in recess. Call 590-3879 if you can help.
  • Look out for our “SUMMER STUDY PROGRAM” and “VBS” and plan to join us.
  • I am excited about our growing “PRAYER MINISTRY” at Forest City. Please look out for details of new prayer opportunities as our “Prayer Facilitator,” Anita Smith, rolls them out.
  • We are continuing to offer the stimulating and informative video study series “Drive Through History - The Gospels” at Forest City on Thursdays at the noon Men’s Group and at Crystal Lake on Wednesdays at 10am. Please join us any time you can!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is my prayer that we all continue to be “Blessed to Be a Blessing” during summer 2019.

In His love and service,

Pastor Les

305 South Clark Street - Forest City, IA 50436
Phone: 641-585-3281 Email: fcumc@wctatel.net